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Traditionally, we do not 'do death well' in our modern Western society. Many of us find it personally confronting to think of our own mortality, let alone the death of someone we love. Talking about death and dying is often a hidden, 'taboo' subject which for many people is a challenging conversation to have with others.  

End of Life Transitions provides the following services to persons across Brisbane, Redland and surrounding areas ~

End of Life Doula: think of me as an end of life consultant or end of life support person. My role includes being 'present' to actively listen  and hold  conversations about life, dying and death; to provide end of life information; offer emotional support and guidance; assist to navigate services and craft life stories: facilitate ceremonies before and after death; provide respite and emotional & practical support for loved ones; and 'hold space' with the dying person as part of natural life transitioning. Read more about the services I provide in FAQ 

Funeral Celebrant: provide guidance and support to co-craft and facilitate a ceremony that reflects the person and/or loss that is being felt; allowing  the family and friends to express the many different types of emotions that come about from loss; and provide a unique memorable event for the bereaved. Read more in FAQ 

Community Information on End of Life Planning Facilitator: offering community information sessions and workshops that promote reflection, questions and proactive planning about end of life through the sharing of information and conversations. Want to know more? Go to this link 

Jacqui Willliams

(End of Life Transitions - Founder)

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