As your Funeral Celebrant, the ceremony will reflect the individuality and unique story of the person who has died... JACQUI  .                                                                                  

Ceremony services include:

  • INTRODUCTORY DISCUSSION:  You are very welcome to phone or email me to ask me any questions about the services I offer. This no-obligation discussion allows you the opportunity to see if the services and my personality are the "right fit" for you
  • CRAFTING A CEREMONY: Once you have confirmed that you would like me to be your Celebrant, I will arrange a meeting with you to understand who the person was who you have lost. Then together we can craft the ceremony to make it a special and unique experience. This also allows you to decide if you or any other members of the family or friends would like to be included in participating in some of the elements of the ceremony
  • THE EULOGY: Loved ones often like to write and present their own Eulogy at the ceremony, but my services can also include helping families/friends write the Eulogy if you need some guidance or if you would like me to write and/or present the Eulogy on your behalf. The Eulogy reflects the personality and uniqueness of the person who has died
  • ENGAGING WITH OTHERS: Sharing elements of the ceremony e.g. readings, song & rituals can be a great privilege and an honour as it provides a way of personalising your loved one's 'story' 
  • ORDER OF SERVICE: I will work with you to co-create an Order of Service; and communicate the Order of Service and any other additional rituals or features of the ceremony, to the Funeral Director; or for private arrangements, with yourself and relevant third parties 
  • ACT AS A 'MASTER OF CEREMONIES': By my overseeing the coordination and delivery of the ceremony, you have the opportunity to take a step back and "experience" the ceremony. I will co-create the ceremony with you and conduct a compassionate ceremony that is a uniquely personalised tribute to your loved one
  • ADDITIONAL SERVICE SUPPORT: I am able to also participate at the committal of your loved one's body (at the grave site if there is to be a burial); or for the cremation if their body is to be cremated
  • PRESENTATION: Upon completion of the ceremony I will provide you with a Presentation Copy of the ceremony   
  • BEING AVAILABLE: As your Funeral Celebrant I will make myself  available for you to contact me if you wish to discuss anything further about the ceremony prior to completion of the ceremony. It is important that you have the opportunity to let me know if there is anything additional that you would like to include                               
  • Yes!
  • You are able to choose any Funeral Celebrant that you want
  • It is really important to know that you can choose your own Funeral Celebrant  e.g. Your Funeral Director may have not met me before, but should you choose me as your Funeral Celebrant, then you just need to advise them that you would like me to be your Funeral Celebrant
  • It is all about you choosing someone who 'feels right' for you and is someone who you connect positively with
  • You can ask your Funeral Director to contact me directly; or
  • You can contact me yourself and ask me to directly liaise with your Funeral Director; or
  • You can contact me directly if you have chosen a memorial or other service not involving a Funeral Director e.g. memorial service

When a person has come to the end of their life, for the family and friends who are grieving, there is a significant transition.

For many of us, life will "never be quite the same"...Holding a ceremony can be one of the most significant events in our lives as it gives us "permission" to grieve … as an a family... as friends and colleagues... and as 'a community'.

Funerals, memorial services, scattering of ashes and other ceremonies can support those who are grieving to co-create a 'story' and a ceremony  that truly reflects the life, personality, values and legacy of the person who has died.

My role, as a Funeral Celebrant, is one of gently guiding and supporting those who are that together we will create a memorable service, sharing the very essence of the person who has died...  JACQUI 

There are many different types of Funeral & Memorial Service ceremonies that you can consider these days. Whilst traditional religious ceremonies can be conducted, there is growing demand for funeral services to be prepared by Funeral Celebrants. 

When conducting a funeral or memorial ceremony I will work alongside you, providing information and guidance as we co-create a ceremony together that reflects your loved one's life. In my getting to know that person and their 'story',  the ceremony can be crafted traditionally or as creatively as you would like, considering various elements...  JACQUI 

  • What type of ceremony and setting are you after? e.g chapel, grave site, memorial, scattering of ashes, other
  • Who would like to contribute to the ceremony? e.g readings, singing, music, guard of honour, pall bearers
  • How to make a bespoke ceremony uniquely personalised? e.g features &symbolism - sports, military, art, music, colour, pets, tree planting + photos, videos, gallery boards + messages + memorabilia 

Creating, crafting and conducting a Funeral or Memorial ceremony takes time as it's important to engage with the bereaved to ensure that the ceremony reflects the essence of the person who has died. To meet, prepare and deliver a ceremony takes approximately 10 hours

Funeral Director arrangement: A Funeral Celebrant's fee is often part of the itemised/package fee that the Funeral Director charges. In these cases, my Celebrant's fee is paid by the Funeral Director as a disbursement; although if you prefer, you can pay me directly and advise the Funeral Director of these arrangements.

Private arrangement:  For services where you are not engaging with a Funeral Director, you can contact me directly and I will agree a fee with you based on your requirements.

Methods of payment include: Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or Credit Card. Other methods by negotiation - due upon completion of the ceremony. 

It would be an honour for me to provide a memorable ceremony on your behalf . Please don't hesitate to contact me for a free no-obligation discussion.  JACQUI 

As an active member of the Funeral Celebrants Association Australia Inc (FCAA), I maintain a high level of professional and ethical service to  each of my clients and abide by the Association's Code of Practice. Annually I am required to meet the requirements of the FCAA's Professional Development Program. For more information go to the FCAA.

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